28 July, 2008

Mango Tree

Mango Tree

Mango Tree is a restaurant in Kuching. The restaurant serves mainly Thai cuisine because the restaurant is a chain restaurant originated from Thailand.

img 046e

Mango Drink
img 043e

Mango Fish is a famous dish being served at the restaurant.

img 041e

One of the specialty rice being served is Pineapple Rice.

img 037e

24 July, 2008

Horse-Trot Dance

Kuda Kepang

Kuda Kepang or A Horse-Trot Dance is one of Johor's traditional dance. With a beat of gendang percussion, a gong and cak lempong (small gong" five or more dancers gracefully moved on the seated two dimensional "horse" made with pleated ratan.

The head of the pack would steer the dance by staying close to the dancers. Kuda kepang was once a form of totemic worship.

Nowadays it is performed as a form of a cultural show for its great entertainment at weddings and other ceremonies. The dace is originated from Java.

20 July, 2008

No Service

For the past one and a half months, I am having problems connecting my computer to the Internet. I am using a wireless USB modem using one of the service provider broadband services. For the past one and a half month, it will be a very lucky day if I could successfully connecting or dialling up my USB modem to the network. Once connected, the line sometime get cut off and made you feel irritated because most of your work was lost.

For your information, the place that I am staying did not have fixed line telephone service and to opt for Streamyx service is out of the question. The only way for communicating to the world is through their wireless services.

Feeling cheated because of paying exorbitant Internet connection fee monthly but cannot get the service, I had made several call to their online help service. As usual they will ask you about the problem that you are having and they will jot something down. They insist that there is nothing wrong with their network and they will promise that some technical people will call me within the next 48 hours. After waiting for a little bit of 48 hours, still the call that you are waiting is not in sight. Thus, I made another call repeating what I had said earlier and they also repeat what they had said earlier saying that another technical person will call me back within the next 48 hours.

I just cannot figure it out where does that 48 hours come from. Is that indicate their level of service to their customer by keeping their customer in the dark about the problems that they are encountering. This time they promise that they will ask the technical people to call me immediately on the same day. Yet I did not receive any call that day but they called the following day late in the afternoon. Well, after I described to the technical person what was my problem, they suggested that I use their recommended USB modem which is Huawei model E220.

Fine enough, I bought the modem which is as shown in the following picture.


Unluckily, I still have problem with the Internet connection and the following message always popping up my computer screen. I purposely blackout the network provider because I don't want you to know which network provider that was.

I don't think the connection problem has anything to do with my account because I always pay my bill on time. Also, I don't have any problem connecting to the Internet while I was at another location as shown in the following figure.

After tired of waiting, I have no choice but to call the customer service number again and explaining to them that I had followed what they had been advising me to do and still I cannot get the connection. This time after hearing my explanation, they filed another report and now they requested my street address for further investigation.

Wow, after several days of calling, then they realised that it might have something to do with their own network. As usual, I had to wait for another 48 hours for the technical person to call me back. It seems to me that their technical persons are so busy with technical problems that is why they have to wait for that 48 hours long. I wonder why there is too many technical problems for them to handle. Are they short of staffs? Or are their customer service so lousy? It has been their motto to call back their customer well after the 48 hours period had expired.

Well, just getting upset with the network connection, finally after more than 48 hours later, I received a call from their technical persons saying that indeed their network within the area do experienced some problems i.e. their network is too congested since the past one and a half month.

That is the last thing that I wanted to hear actually because after waiting for several series of 48 hours and they tell me that yes indeed they do have problems. Do they have some kind of mechanism to detect that kind of problems instead of relying on a customer like me who had been waiting or wasting several 48 hours just to let them know that they have problems.

The good news is that they promise to look into the matter for the next three weeks in order for them to sort things out. What are they thinking actually? Do I have to pay monthly subscriptions fee just to let them say for the next 48 hours or for the next three weeks than hopefully I will get my problem solved.

To tell you the truth, I don't have a choice and I have to pay them the subscriptions fee upon due because it is so pathetic that the Internet connection is so bad and there is no other service provider for me to turn to as an alternative. Thus, that is the real answer why they can afford to take them 48 hours to respond to you and then to promise for the next three weeks because they know that there is no competitors around for me to turn to.

But I hope that they start to learn to treat their customer accordingly.

A typical telecommunication tower within the area.

The telecommunication tower.

16 July, 2008

Real Time Information on Parking

According to The New York Times , San Francisco will test 6,000 of its 24,000 metered parking spaces using a wireless sensor network that will announce which of the spaces are free at any moment. The wireless sensor is a device that can be glued on the pavement to monitor the presence of vehicle on the parking lot.

According to the report drivers will be alerted to empty parking places either by displays on street signs, or by looking at maps on screens of their smartphones. They may even be able to pay for parking by cellphone, and add to the parking meter from their phones without returning to the car. Thus with the technology, it will be a hassle free to renew your parking charges especially if you are still waiting in a queue.

Hopefully the technology which was introduced by streetline will help in reducing traffic congestion due to slow moving vehicles looking for empty parking spaces.

13 July, 2008

Dr Michael DeBakey

The world-famous cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Michael DeBakey, who pioneered bypass surgery and invented a host of devices to help heart patients, has died at the age of 99.

DeBakey died Friday night at The Methodist Hospital in Houston from "natural causes," according to the report. He had treated heads of state, entertainers, businessmen and presidents, as well as people with no titles and no means.

He invented the roller pump while still in medical school in 1932. The pump became the major component of the heart-lung machine, beginning the era of open-heart surgery. The machine takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery.

Basically, he has improved the human condition and touched the lives of generations to come.

Read HERE for more.

12 July, 2008

This Story will Make you More Afraid of Flying

If you are afraid of flying in an aeroplane, you might not like the recent 2nd near collision incident as reported by the Associated Press.

At the John F. Kennedy Airport, two airborne planes, one landing and the other taking off, came within a half-mile of colliding in the second such incident at the airport in a week, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the report, a Delta Flight 123 (a Boeing 757) was arriving at the airport Friday when the pilot decided to abort his landing and execute a "go-around" — a routine procedure often used during heavy congestion. That caused the Delta flight to intersect with the flight path of Comair Flight 1520 (a Bombardier CRJ9), a regional jet that was taking off on another runway. Both planes came within 600 feet of each other vertically and a half-mile horizontally, the FAA said.

The first incident in the week occurs on saturday involved a Cayman Airways flight which was landing at JFK when the pilot decided to abort the landing a fly around the airport again as a LAN Chile jet was taking off. Their flight paths crossed, bringing the planes within about 200 feet of each other vertically and a half-mile horizontally.

According to the report, The FAA moved quickly to change takeoff and landing procedures at JFK on perpendicular runways — the kind of runways involved in both incidents.

If I were you, don't worry because such an incidents only occur at Airports with two perpendicular runways and usually occurs at very congested airport.

I admired the quick action taken by the FAA to ensure such an incident will not occur in the future. They only notice two near collision incidents and have taken a stern action by enforcing new procedures to change the way takeoffs and landings on perpendicular runways are sequenced.

Read HERE for more.

11 July, 2008

Biggest Helicopter

Boeing, partnering with Calgary, Alberta-based SkyHook International Inc., is developing a new helicopter JHL-40 which will be the biggest helicopter ever being designed. The helicopter will be able to carry a sling load of nearly 40 tons and transporting it up to 200 nautical miles (230 miles) without refueling.

The JHL-40's planned payload will be approximately twice the maximum load that the Mil Mi-26 (currently the world's largest helicopter) can lift.

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10 July, 2008

Another reason to watch out for your waistline.

In research presented at a meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, scientists found that obese men have worse sperm than normal-weight men.

The study were carried out by analyzing the sperm samples of more than 5,000 men in Scotland, and divided the men into groups according to their Body Mass Index. Men who had an optimal BMI (20 to 25) had higher levels of normal sperm than those who were overweight or obese.

Fat men had a 60 percent higher chance of having a low volume of semen, according to the research. They also had a 40 percent higher chance of having some sperm abnormalities.

The researcher also found other factors affecting men's sperm count: underweight men were just as likely to have the same problems as obese men, smoking, alcohol intake, history of drug abuse, and age.

The study also confirmed that "Male fitness and health are clearly linked to a man's fertility".

Read Here for more information.

06 July, 2008

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a species of flowers that is quite amazing. The flower only bloom in the morning and retracted back in the afternoon. In order for your to enjoy the beautiful colors of Morning Glory flowers, it is only in the morning as the name indicate. By afternoon, all of the flowers retracted.

The pictures below shows full bloom morning Glory.



Several of full blooming Morning Glory.

Partially bloom Morning Glory in the morning.

In the foreground is a partially bloom Morning glory and in the background the flower had bloomed yesterday and just waiting to fall down to the ground.

New flower emerged in the morning and waiting for the right amount of sunlight to fully bloom.

Another view of emerging flower in the morning.




Picture below shows the completely retracted Morning Glory in the afternoon. The flower only bloom's once per day and after that the flower will fall to the ground.

02 July, 2008

Which Country will be Next?

After Japan's 890-metre (2,900-foot) Tatara Bridge, which was the longest cable-stayed bridge, the new world's longest cable-stayed bridge has officially opened in eastern China, linking the two banks of the Yangtze river.

Facts about the world's longest cable-stayed bridge:

Name: The Sutong bridge

Length: spans 1,088 metres (3,570 feet) over China's longest waterway, Yangtze river and links the cities of Suzhou and Nantong. Located 108 kilometers (67 miles) upstream from the mouth of the Yangtze River.

Number of lanes: six-lane bridge

Travel time: Cut the travel time between Shanghai and Nantong to one hour from the previous four hours.

Construction cost: 1.15 billion dollars

For more information, read HERE.

Which country will be next to break the world's record?

01 July, 2008

Fire Drill

It is good to hear that EX Central was carried out last Thursday. The exercise involved collaboration from KL Sentral, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB), Express Railway Link (ERL), RapidKL, taxi drivers, business traders and the public from 11am to 1pm.

Through the excercise, the Government Agencies and Private sectors readiness will be accessed in case of bomb threat, Fire or other emergencies such as earthquake.

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