27 October, 2012

Don't Forget to Use Ferry Services While in Penang

Ferry services is still one of an essential mode of transport in Penang. The ferry services connect the main land (Butterworth) and the Penang Island (Georgetown). Majority of commuters prefer to use ferry services since it is very efficient and also very frequent. Next time you visit Penang, you can try the ferry services.

All of the ferries are still in a very good operating condition ensuring commuters of a safe travel.

The ferry is capable of handling all mode of transport i.e. passenger cars, motorcycles and pedestrians, 
The following picture shows the extensive pedestrian pathway leading to the ferry. The pathway separate the opposite direction using physical barriers. Traveling by ferry from the island to the main land is free whereas a nominal fee is charged for the other direction. For pedestrian, the fee is RM1.20 for adults and RM0.60 for children.

The ferry terminal is integrated with other public transportation facilities. A dedicated Penang Rapid Bus terminals are provided on both sides of the ferry terminals for passengers to travel to other destinations. Taxi services are also available at the terminals.

There are about three ferries operating at any one time in order to provide very short waiting time for users.  Picture below shows on e of the ferries approaching the ferry terminal while another ferry is approaching the opposite terminal.  

Pedestrian is only allowed to use the upper deck of the ferry. As shown below, there are ample spaces given for the convenient of the pedestrian. While on the ferry, the pedestrians can go to the lower deck using a staircase. 

View of ferry terminal on the main land. As shown below, there are two ferries at the terminal. Once one ferry arrives, the other ferry will depart the terminal giving a very convenient travelling option to commuters.

One of the ferries which is about to depart the terminal since our ferry is approaching the terminal.

At the terminal, specially constructed ramp enable vehicles and pedestrian to safely enter and exit the ferry.

Pedestrian path is separated from the path for vehicles.

Another view of the upper deck of the ferry.

Vehicles are queueing up to enter the ferry.

21 October, 2012

AES at work along North-South Highway

While passing through a stretch of the North-South Expressway, I saw an AES enforcement system in the process of capturing a picture of a vehicle speeding over the stipulated speed limit.

The following were observed while the AES system unleasehed its power to enforce the speed limit:

1. The system fired a very bright light upon the speeding vehicle even during a very sunny day. You can imagine what happen when the system is firing its bright light in the darkness of the night. It might cause temporary blindness to road user.

2. The speeding vehicle was traveling on the inner most lane and after knowing the AES had snap the picture, the vehicle slows down. I am sure that the image of his vehicle had been captured by the AES. At the same time, another vehicle traveling at a lower speed on the outer lane suddenly stop his or her vehicle upon realising that the AES system had releasing the bright light. The driver's was taken by surprise and got confused causing him to suddenly stop his vehicle in the middle of the highway. His reaction could cause major accident since the trailing vehicle could easily rear ended his vehicle.

3. In the above situation, hopefully the AES system will capture the actual speeding vehicle i.e. the vehicle on the inner most lane and not the vehicle which is travelling at a very slow speed on the outer lane. There is no way of verifying this situation until the driver of the vehicles get the summon letter.

4. The stretch of highway is going downhill and almost all vehicles were traveling at a very slow speed to avoid the speed trap. The slow speed caused localised traffic jam on the stretch of the highway.

Thus, there are vehicles which will automatically observed the stipulated speed limit at the presence of the AES system. Also, there are unfamiliar drivers whose action could cause secondary accidents due to the system.

18 October, 2012

Google Data Centers - Where the Internet Lives

I am sure that you are interested to know how the internet works and where all of your data, search history, youtube videos, pictures, etc. are being stored and alive in the internet. Also, we have heard about the data "CLOUD", but just where does all of the information being stored? 

There are 12 data centres around the world which store and serve all of the information. Explore the Google data center in the following video.

Visit the Google Green Blog for the latest news about Google's data centers in more detail.

Also, visit The Gallery for more pictures of the data centres.

15 October, 2012

Felix Did It and It is Crazy Awesome

It is official that Felix the skydiver breaks the speed of sound. After many delays, Felix did it. He reached the highest altitude ever reached by any man in a balloon,128,100 ft or more than 24 miles above Earth.

He also reached a maximum speed of 833.9 mph which is amount to Mach 1.24, breaking the sound speed barrier using only high-tech suit.

07 October, 2012

Image of Kuala Lumpur Taxi Drivers


According to The Star, Kuala Lumpur Taxi drivers were confirmed to be the worst taxi drivers in the world. I could not agree more with the article since almost everybody did experienced the bad side of the KL's taxi drivers. Most of the drivers just refused to use their meter and charged unreasonable amount of fare for the trips. From my experienced there are only certain taxi drivers who would behave in such a manner especially during peak hours. 

That is the reason why I would prefer to use coupon system for taxi services since I am comfortable with the fare being charged. The fare being charged is usually according to travelling zone. That is also the main reason why most taxi drivers against the use of coupon system since they cannot charge unnecessary fare to the customers. However, while in Kuala Lumpur, tourists could use other public transportation system such as LRT and Buses. Most of the LRT stations have coupon systems for taxi services and tourists don't have to confront taxi drivers regarding unreasonable fare for the taxi services.

Also, during peak hours, there are not many taxi available to serve customers at the location practising coupon system. Most of the time their reason is due to traffic jam which is likely to be true since it will take longer time for the taxi to travel in the traffic congested city centre during peak hours. I think part of the reasons is that the taxi drivers try to find customers that are willing to pay them so much money during the peak hours.

I am about to visit two of the most undeveloped countries in the world and I was advised not to use their public transport i.e. taxi and bus system for safety reason. Most of taxis in those countries are always in a bad shape and not safe for travelling. I think there must be some other reasons for such a reminder i.e. may be the attitude of their taxi drivers who would likely to haggle and fleece their customers. I am also surprise why the taxi drivers of the two countries are not included as one of the worst taxi derivers in the world.

I am sure that is also the traveling advice or perception of tourists that would like to visit Malaysia. Thus, the attitude of the Kuala Lumpur's Taxi Drivers does affect the number of tourist who wanted to visit Malaysia.