02 January, 2012

The Newly Open Damai Central

Damai Central

Damai Central is a new tourist attraction located at Pantai Damai, Santubong, Kuching. The complex is located just the opposite of The Santubong Cultural Village. Furthermore, the complex is located between the Damai Beach Resort and Damai Puri Resort.

Now, local tourists can visit the Damai Central and parked their vehicles there while they are enjoying the scenic mountain view of Santubong and at the same time they are able to play along the Santubong beach.  Previously, only hotel guests are allowed to use the Damai Beach because the beach are privately own by the hotel. After strolling along the Damai Beach (given that the weather permitted), they can visit any of the F&B outlets to satisfy their thirst and hunger.

The facilities available at the Damai Central are as follows:
  • Medan Niaga Damai 
  • Arts and Craft Centre 
  • Recreational Club Centre 
  • F & B Outlet/Convenience Shops 
  • Staff Quarters 
  • Visitor’s Information Centre/Management Office 
  • Traditional Spa with Herbal Garden 
  • Floating Village Restaurant 
  • Multi-purpose Platform Pavement 
  • Ample Car Parking Spaces

The scenic view of the Damai Central with Mount Santubong in the background.
Damai Central

Damai Beach Resort is visible next to the Damai Central and the location of this complex provides a lot of convenience to the hotel guests for more facilities and choices. They also can visit the Cultural Village through Damai Central gateway (hopefully, their gate will always open to the public).

Damai Central

View of the Damai Beach from the look out point of the Damai Central.

Viewed from Damai Central

There are several F&B outlets operating at the Damai Central and during peak hours, you have to wait for several minutes before you can get your orders.

With the newly open Damai Central, there will be more reasons for local residents to visit Damai Beach area frequently since now they have some place to stay for a short while and at the same time enjoying the scenic view of the Damai Beach area. Also, after visiting the Cultural Village, tourists will be able to enjoy their foods and drinks which are available for sale at the Damai Central.

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