07 May, 2014

Under-Ride Guard-Bar can Save Life in an Accident

Even highest rated safety standard car involved in accident with lorries will result in fatal accident because of lack of safety standard of lorries or trailers traversing the roads.

For normal accidents involving two passenger cars, the occupants are usually protected by the crash zone designed into the cars. The crash zone chassis will absorbed the impact and reduce the danger to the occupants.

However, if passenger car rear ended a lorry or trailer, the contact point with the car is way above the crash zone resulting in fatal crash to the car occupants as shown in the following video. At 2:09, the impact of the the highest rated car upon hitting the lorry resulted in fatal accident. The contact point on the car occurs at the point way above the crash zone i.e. at the weaker point of the car.

Thus, in developed country, in order to avoid fatal accidents, all lorries or trailers must be installed with under-ride guard-bar at the back of the trailers or lorries. The under-ride guard-bar will be in contact with the chassis/crumple zone of the passenger car in the event of a crash and the crumple zone of the passenger car will absorb the crash energy, Thus, the chassis/crumple zone of the vehicles could perform its duty as designed to protect the occupant from fatal accidents.

Under-Ride Guard-Bar

In order to avoid future accidents involving passenger car and lorries or trailers, the under-ride guard-bar must be installed on all lorries or trailers.

20 April, 2014

Super-Efficient Ax

If by chance you are currently using ax or axe to cut wood and split it, then this super-efficient ax will be of interest to you.

Conventional ax requires that you fully utilizes your upper body strength to split any wood. Sometime, if you miss the wood, most probably, the ax will end up cutting your leg.

By utilizing leverage, a shallow angle is used to maximize the force of the weight on the other end of the level and cutting the wood efficiently. A conventional ax uses no leverage where it simply strikes the wood at a 90 degree angle like a sharp hammer. Therefore, enough momentum is required to split the wood using conventional ax.

21 January, 2014

Setting Up Modem for your Wireless Router

First of all, out of a sudden you wanted to expand the coverage of the wireless Internet at your home so that you will be able to access Internet wherever you are within or outside your house. In order to extend the coverage of the wireless Internet, the wireless router with a wide coverage is required. One example of such a router is RT-N16 Wireless-N300 Gigabit Router as shown below where the coverage is 200 square meters.

It is quite easy to setup the router as shown in the diagram below, just plug and surf. 

However, one major problem that I encountered with this router is that it cannot works alone. You need to connect it to a Cable/DSL modem for it to function properly as shown below. 

Since I have an existing modem and router, the new router could be connected to the modem using the Ethernet cable via the available LAN port on the modem. However, conflicts will occur in setting up connection on the new router since the existing modem is still functioning as Internet routers.

The first step to do in this situation is to ensure that the existing modem and router functions only as a modem. In order to do that, the existing modem and router need to be reconfigured. There are basically two steps that need to be done.

1.  Disable wireless capability of the existing modem and router by unchecking the wireless access point (Enable AP) as shown below. After performing the "Restart Access Point", wireless Internet will no longer available from the existing modem and router.

2. Then, connection type of the existing modem should be changed to "Bridge". Click on the "WAN" option and then select "Bridge" on the Type of connection as shown below. Initially, the connection type is "PPOE", which enable the modem to be routers and connected to the Internet. By selecting the connection type as"Bridge" will ensure that the new router connected to the modem will serve as your Internet wireless router as provided by your ISP.

After successfully setting up your existing modem, then just follow the quick start instruction of your new Internet router to enable it to connect to the Internet.

12 January, 2014

Plane Crash as Caught on Tape

Terrifying footage of Hawaiian plane crash as seen from inside the cabin. There is only one fatality in this incident and as seen int he footage, almost all of the passengers looks calm right after the crash.

04 January, 2014

Horse Carts in Bandung

This picture is taken in Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is one of the largest city in Indonesia with a very dense population. Traffic is crawling at a snail pace everyday in Bandung. During weekdays, traffic congestion is a normal phenomenon due to business activities. During weekends, traffic is also crawling at snail pace due to influx of vehicles from neighbouring cities especially from Jakarta.

Since the traffic is already crawling at a snail pace, by introducing horse cart into the traffic system will not make any different since almost all vehicles can't even exceed certain speed due to congestion.

Horse carts are popular mode of transport due to its reasonable fare, and furthermore it uses green energy. There is no need to purchase very expensive petrol for its energy.

Thus, horse cart provides a good alternative for locals to travel short distances within certain route in Bandung.