31 March, 2010

Several Scenaries of Santubong Resort

These are several of pictures about Santubong Resort. The resort is located besides the Damai Golf Range and also near the Damai Beach Resort.






30 March, 2010

Light Rail Transit at KL Sentral


Today, while waiting to purchase Express Rail Link (ERL) ticket to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I had a chance to capture an image of the two-Car train LRT. My real intention was to capture an image of a four-Car Train LRT. Unfortunately, after waiting for about an hour, the four-car train did not pass through the KL Sentral.

There seemed to be some kind of disruption regarding the LRT train schedule today. It seemed that the train only travelled at an interval of 30 minutes. Just imagine that within one hour waiting period, I only managed to see only twice the LRT train passing by. Unluckily, both trains were the two-car train.

During normal hours, LRT trains usually travel at an interval of every two or three minutes.

Also, looking at the picture, the development along the LRT track is becoming very intense. I like the traffic system surrounding the KL Sentral because there is integration of all sorts of transportation systems such as Buses, LRT, ERL, Taxi, Pedestrian and passenger cars. The traffic system for the KL Sentral seemed to be able to disperse traffic effectively even though during peak period, congestion occurs.

29 March, 2010

A Hut

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This is a rustic looking hut found at the Santubong Resort's beach. I supposed the hut is used to serve some kind of drinks or something.

Or, the hut is as a resting place for those who is tasked to watch out for any em

ergencies along the beach front.

19 March, 2010

In Memory of Ahmad Zakuan

Ahmad Zakuan is another of my Ex-Student who passed away at about 07.30hrs on 27th Feb 2010. He passed away in his rented house in Turkmenbashy. His death was due to propane gas leakage due to malfunctioning of heater in his rented house. Due to cold weather, in Turkmenistan, the house is heated using centrally supplied propane gas.

Gas heater (Propane) with open flame are used for space heating purpose due the cold climate in Turkmenistan, propane gas is supplied via centralized piping system and / or cylinders to majority of households in Turkmenbashy city.

Ahmad Zakuan is one of good students in his batch and I am really proud to learn that he was doing well as an engineer working with an engineering firm in Turkmenistan.

Why I decided to write this blog about him. It is because of the Facebook phenomenon as shown below.

If you are an avid facebook user, you will always being suggested by facebook to add new friends or if you have not writing any post to an existing contact, you will be reminded by facebook to say Hello on his wall. Ahmad Zakuan is on my friend list and as usual, facebook will remind me to say Hello on his facebook wall.

Thinking for a while on what to write since he is no longer there to see what I am going to write on his wall, then I decided to write this blog about him.

Is there any way for facebook to recognize that the person is no longer there and stop making suggestion for friends to write on his wall.

The last update of the facebook most likely indicates the date when the person is no longer there to update it. I think it would be an impossible task for any program to recognize such a situation or condition.

Well, will that happen to our own facebook in the future. Or, will that happen to our own blog in the future. As for the blog, if it is not updated does not necessarily indicates that the person is no longer there. It might be the case that he or she is too busy (which is usually the case) to update it frequently.

The moral of this entry is that, always write something that is good to everybody and to the humanity so that the entry will be always become useful to the humanity.

Al-Fatihah and pray that Allah S.W.T. will blessed him.

18 March, 2010

Light Bulb will become History Soon

Light bulbs are found to be not an energy efficient devices and this prompt the government to replace all of light bulbs by the year 2014.

Users are encouraged to use compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) since the devices can save a lot of energy.

As for me, I am using the CFL due to its energy efficiency.

As of the year 2014, well it is still a long way. A lot of things can happen on the way.

14 March, 2010

Interesting Article about Blogosphere

What actually your reason for blogging?

 This article discovers the breakdown of people in the blogosphere.

Large percentage of them are male, college graduate, and majority are from the U.S.

The most blogged topic is about personal musings.

The article also discovers the amount of time spent on blogging, impacts of blogging, top reasons people blog, hours per week spent blogging and how often bloggers update.

However, the article does not indicate the methodology on how they carry out the study. Also, the sample being used for the study is not being indicated in the article.

07 March, 2010

Hills's Shopping Mall

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Here is another shopping mall available in Kuching. The Mall is part of Pullman Hotel, which is also a newly open hotel in Kuching city.

Therefore, there is a lot of reason especially for me to go to Kuching to visit this newly open shopping mall and also the Pullman hotel.

06 March, 2010

Battle Against Weight Gain

There seems to be a lot of research carried out on the issue of weight gain. According to this article, the presence of the right amount of bacteria in the intestine will determine whether the food that we ate will be stored around our belly area as that extra pound.

Hope that these findings will help in identifying the right amount of food that we ate that will promote the growth of certain kind of bacteria in our intestine in order to help burn off most of the food that we ate as a source of energy instead of as an additional pound stored in our body.

05 March, 2010

Turning Lane Under Construction


A new access turning lane is under construction along the Kota Semarahan Expressway.

The turning lane will allow user to turn directly into Desa Ilmu and thus, cutting the travelling time.

Currently, drivers have to make a turn at the roundabout several meters further ahead.

I also wish that the relevant authority will construct similar access lane but for drivers to turn right from Desa Ilmu. The location of the turning right access lane should be made several meters further ahead.

With the operational of the turning lane later, access to Desa Ilmu will be very convenient and user friendly.