30 November, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Rubber Boat

Rubber Boat Category by wanhashim
Rubber Boat Category, a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

27 November, 2011

Women Taxi

Women Taxi service is launched today in the Klang valley according to The Sunday Daily. It is a sigh of relief to women who frequently using taxi services and they should feel safer.

Those who need the taxi  service can call these numbers: 03-80240507, 03-26926000 and 03-88884020.

For your information, the women taxi service would have a special sticker "TeksiWanita" on the vehicle.

According to the news, the company providing the services are recruiting more women taxi drivers. So, those who are interested to be a taxi driver, please contact them immediately.

Hope that the services will be available to other parts of the country depending on the demand of such services.

So, those men outside there, please don't hop on the taxi with "TeksiWanita" on it, it may be just for women passengers only.

21 November, 2011

Thanks at Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Everyday, there are a lot of activities going on at the Kuala lumpur Sentral. One of the activities is as shown in the picture where anyone are encouraged to chip in for the entertainment. By the way, he is very talented and able to attract crowds.

20 November, 2011


Chicken and Meat Kebab by wanhashim
Chicken and Meat Kebab, a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

In case that you wanted to have some kebab either chicken or meat, you can visit Kuching Water Front. There is a Kebab stall operating along the water front selling hot kebab as shown in the picture.

12 November, 2011

World's Rivers Day 2011 in Kuching

World's Rivers day 2011 is officiated at Kuching Water Front today. Several activities were being held at the water front to celebrate the special occasion.

11 November, 2011


SUKMAB (SUKan MAhasiswa Borneo) 2011 is the second SUKMAB being held. This time , Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is the host for the game. Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Indonesia are taking parts in the SUKMAB 2011. There are a total of 1261 athletes taking parts in this year game. There are 15 contingents participating in this year game. From Brunei, the contingent is from Universiti Brunei Darussalam. From Indonesia, the contingent is from Universitas Tanjungpura.

Opening ceremony of SUKMAB 2011 being held at the newly open Unimas Stadium.


Rising the SUKMAB flag and Unimas's Futsal Arena visible in the background.


Landscape view of Unimas Stadium.
Stadium Unimas



05 November, 2011


IOI Marriot Putrajaya by wanhashim
IOI Marriot Putrajaya, a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

Stairways at the IOI Marriot Putrajaya Hotel is as shown int his picture. The stairways connect main lobby of the hotel to the function rooms at the first level of the hotel. This stairways is designed in such a way that visitors or guests can find their ways to the coffee house and all of the respective function rooms.

However, the stairways occupy very large space of the hotel in order to come up with such an impressive structure.

02 November, 2011

Green and Red Bicycles

Green and Red Bike

These green and red bicycles were parked in tandem at a bicycle parking rack. The color of the bikes are very striking and seemed to be able to attract a lot of attention. The advantage of using a very striking colored bikes is that it will help deter anyone from stealing the bikes because the bikes can be easily identified by their owners since not many bikes are painted in such colors.

This type of bicycle is commonly known as fixie or fixed-wheel. These bicycles have no freewheel and thus they cannot coast as the pedals are always in motion when the bicycles are moving. The sprocket or cog is bolted directly to a fixed rear hub. This allows a cyclist to stop without using a brake, by resisting the rotation of the cranks, and also to ride in reverse.