26 September, 2011

Lift Mishap

It was reported that a pregnant woman fractured her right leg when an elevator car at a Mall came crashing down. I am wondering why this type of incident is still happening in this country since as far as I know all owners of such premises are required to carry out compulsary periodic maintenance of the lifts. That make users like me to be afraid of using lifts in the future. However, usually, there are information available in the lifts indicating the last time that the lifts had been serviced. Hopefully, all lifts in any premises will have such information available because through the information, in case that no proper maintenance is being carried out, users can have a choice of not using such facilities or users have an evenue to compile complaints to the relevant agencies. Read HERE for further information about the incident.

22 September, 2011

How Likely that You Will Get Struck by the Dead Satellite?

A satellite owned by NASA used for Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) satellite in space is a  6 1/2-ton satellite. The satellite was deployed from space shuttle Discovery in 1991 and decommissioned in December 2005. It is expected that the dead NASA satellite which is the size of a school bus to enter the atmosphere, break into pieces and rain down upon Earth sometime on Friday.

According to Nasa, among the 7 billion earth population, there will be 1 in 3,200 chances that anyone could be struck by a piece of the soon-to-fall satellite. Relevant authorities in the U.S. are on standby for any chances that the satellite will ever hit them. But what about other countries, hope that the satellite will not fallen on their soil because I don't see any kind of preparation being considered for the eventualities since the likelihood is so low. Hope that the debris will fall in the ocean or in the unpopulated areas somewhere on the earth.

17 September, 2011

Amazing Piece of Exercise Machine

There are several names for this exercise machine. Some called it Elliptical Exercise Machine or Elliptical Bike. Whereas others call it Cross-Trainer.

It is called cross trainer exercise equipment because it combines the movements of the stair climber, treadmill, and the exercise bike into one. It combines the movements and benefits of hiking, cross country skiing, and biking.

Two major benefits of using this machine:

1) As compared to treadmill, it will have no effect on your knees, ankles, shins, and back because your limbs remain in continuous contact with the machine. Thus this machine is ideal for those who are overweight, have arthritis and have chronic knees problem.

2) Using this machine will help you burn more calories depending on the level of intensities you choose.

Actually, I am thinking of buying one for my home.

15 September, 2011

LRT Rides

With the introduction of four-car trains, the lrt rides is very comfortable because the passengers density in the train is very low. As compared to before when there are only two-car trains available, lrt rides especially during peak hour is very demanding and uncomfortable due to very high passengers density. In term of return of Investment (ROI), how could anyone justify the improvement in term of passengers comfort with respect to the cost of purchasing the four-car trains? Thus, the intangible benefits as a result of certain type of investment needs to be taken into consideration. Usually, those public projects that results in decreasing user costs can be considered as very beneficial and need to be quantified properly.

13 September, 2011

Rolls-Royce Trent 892

Rolls-Royce Trent 892 by wanhashim
Rolls-Royce Trent 892, a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

Rolls-Royce Trent 892 is a jet engine that powered Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200. This is a replicated model of the jet engine at a scale of 1:4. The jet engine holds two worlds records as shown under the model.

10 September, 2011

Defunct 6-ton satellite crashing back to Earth

6-ton weight is quite huge object to be sent crashing back to earth. Hopefully, the remaining chunk of debris after surviving earth reentry will fall in the ocean or unpopulated place. Just keep a watchful eye in the sky to find the 6-ton wandering satellite. Hope the beast will not fall on somebody's home. Defunct 6-ton satellite crashing back to Earth

Managers have larger brain: Study

Will it be true that if you want to increase your brain size, then be a manager. That what was the findings from the study as reported in the news. Another question would be, what will be the additional size of the brain and what are the additional capabilities of those additional brain. Managers have larger brain: Study

06 September, 2011

Woman dies in ambulance crash

There seem to be several fatal accidents involving ambulances lately. Almost all of the accidents were considered to be secondary accidents because in almost all cases the ambulance's drivers were trying to avoid from hitting other objects on the road. In today news, the accident occured due to the ambulance's driver tried to avoid other oncoming vehicle. In previous accidents, the ambulance's driver tried to avoid from hitting a dog along its path. In both cases, the passengers of the ambulances were tragically killed. Hope that similar incidences will never happen again and the ambulance's drivers need to pay extra caution while on the road because accidents happen due to several causes such as road condition, drivers behavior and environment. Most of the time, accidents occurs due to the interaction among the factors. Woman dies in ambulance crash

05 September, 2011

Sunset Viewed Thru Firefly

Sunset Viewed Thru Firefly  by wanhashim
Sunset Viewed Thru Firefly , a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

Another rare opportunity for me to take a sunset photo during golden hour especially at 30,000 ft in the sky. The color of the sky is almost similar to the color of the Firefly Airline's plane.

6 Tips for Running While You Travel | Active.com

I hope I can follow these great tips for running while traveling. However, most of the time the lack of determination to run will most likely preventing us to run and have a healthy lifestyle. 6 Tips for Running While You Travel | Active.com

04 September, 2011

Blue Colored Private Jet

Private Jet by wanhashim
Private Jet, a photo by wanhashim on Flickr.

This blue colored private jet was ready to take off. Obviously, the passengers are several VVIP's.