11 June, 2009

Full-Earth Rise

The Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya beamed back a short video clip of full-earth rise as seen from the moon. We are used to see sunrise every morning and watching full-earth rise gives us another feeling of humility in term of how small we are living on the surface of the earth.

The Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya has completed its main mission. It will purposely slam into the moon's surface where the impact is expected to occur on the near-side of the moon.

10 June, 2009

Solving Parking Problems

Expensive ways of solving parking problems is to increase number of parking bays by constructing multilevel car parks structure. In most city center, to allocate vacant areas for parking purposes is very expensive. Due to the dilemma, most agencies will leave it to road users to find their own ways to find their own parking spaces. I recommend you to have your own SUV or 4x4 so that you will have an extra advantage of looking for empty spaces to park your vehicles. Otherwise you have to wait for your turn (if you are lucky enough) to find a suitable parking space.

The owner of this vehicle finds this specific spot to park his vehicle. I have to say sorry to all pedestrian because they have been deprived of their space along the road.

This vehicles are parked on the curb. This is the advantages of four wheel drive because they can climb the curb to park their vehicles. However, the owner of the place has to pay more money to maintain the curb due to its inappropriate use.

Similarly, the four wheels drive has the advantages to find suitable parking spaces.

07 June, 2009

Trees Canopy

Suasana Yang Amat Teduh
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This picture shows trees planted on both sides of the road provide cooling effect from scorcing sun. This road is located somewhere in Labuan, Malaysia. This road is not frequented by large 20 or 40 footer trailers and due to that the trees looks very beautiful. If there are trailers passing through the road, then the canopy will usually take such a shape due to the brunt of the trailers.

Road users should not press their pedal too hard if they travel along this type of road because if their vehicle is out of control due to whatever reasons (tyre burst, avoiding hitting other objects, etc) the accident will most likely be severe. These are the drawback of planting trees along both sides of the road.