17 February, 2008

Street Racing Accident

Md. Street racing accident. A car accidentally drove over a crowd watching a street race around 3:40 am causing seven people died at the scene and another died while on the way to the hospital. The accident is suspected to occur as a results of poor visibility int he early morning.

Another Fiery Crash

In Seremban, an incident involving a four-car pile-up at Km276 of the North=South Expressway. A five-month-old toddler and his grandmother who were travelling in Toyota Vios were killed. The accident occurred at 11:30 pm involving Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry, Honda CRV and Proton Waja. The toyota Vios was hit from behind by a Toyota Camry and in turn rammed into the Honda CRV in front, which then hit a Proton Waja. The Vios then spun while the Camry burst into flames. The driver and passenger of the Camry had been admitted to a private hospital for minor injuries. The driver and passengers of the other two cars were not hurt.

15 February, 2008

Election Fever

Parliament was dissolved by our Prime Minister yesterday (his favourite day Feb, 13) to path a way for the 12th General Election. The election commission has set Feb 24th to nominate candidates for the election. Malaysia goes to the polls on March 8.

Fiery crash

SLIM RIVER: Two men and a woman died while two others were injured when a car slammed into a parked army lorry on the North-South Expressway, causing the car to burst into flames upon impact. In the 3pm incident, it is learnt that the army lorry had stopped at Km362.5 near Slim River to lay its canvas that was loose. One of the army personnel fractures his leg while the other escape unhurt. (Picture courtesy of NST)

Rear Seat Belt

The importance of rear seat belt for rear passenger seat is very important. In the case of accident, the probability of fatalities involving rear passenger will be reduced tremendously by using rear seat belts.

"According to 2006 data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 58.2 percent of all rear seat fatalities involved passengers who were not wearing seat belts, compared to 32.7 percent of fatalities for rear seat passengers who were wearing seat belts."

13 February, 2008

White Stag

Wanted to know more about White Stag. It is a mythical and ghostly creature, from the family of the red deer species, can be found in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. White stags are seen as a magical and powerful force in many mythologies.

The animal's ghostly glow comes from a recessive gene which causes leucism, a condition which reduces the normal brown coloring in hair and skin. They are not albinos, which have red eyes due to lack of pigment.

In Celtic traditions, white stags represent messengers from the afterlife.

It is also said that for those who set eyes on the animal, a momentous moment is near.

09 February, 2008

Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback turtle miraculous journey accross the ocean. The leatherback turtle has been found to swim from the coast of the papua province in Indonesia to Oregon

Decomposed Body

Decomposed body laid in an apartment for 8 years being unnoticed. In UK, the decomposed body of 70 years old laid on a sofa for 8 years releasing a very bad stench in the community. The present tenant also around 70 years old is suffering from mental illness unable to report about the death.


08 February, 2008

Before You Send Your Text-Messaging, Think More Than Once

Text-messaging privacy is being highlighted once again due to the latest text-messaging sex scandal involving Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his chief of staff Christine Beatty. The Detroit Free Press examined over 14,000 text messages obtained from Beatty's pager, publishing those that confirmed the two were having an affair and lied under oath about it. The Detroit Free Press can access the database as part of freedom of information act.

The important lesson learned from this latest development is we have to refrain from sending personal emails using the office computer or personal text-messaging using office-supplied hand phone. Usually, the users of any technology issued by an employer shouldn't expect to have any privacy. It's obvious the mayor's mistake was using a city-issued pager to exchange personal messages with his aide. Well, the biggest mistake done my the mayor is to have the scandal in the first place. What about us? Should we have to worry about old texts resurfacing even when using our private lines?

According to a report by the Associated Press, Beatty's text messaging service was provided by SkyTel who has contracts exclusively with corporations and government agencies, and not surprisingly, stores all communication for legal reasons. It's not exactly clear how many years these text messages are archived for, but the Detroit Free Press says the messages obtained cover two months in 2002 and 2003.

The good news about the current available technology is that text-messaging and hand phone usage has been used to expose cheaters, stalkers, murderers, or thieves. The first place law enforcement officers will turn to for clues are the text-messaging and hand phone usage.

Therefore there is no such thing as text message privacy or hand phone usage privacy.
Your privacy is up to you, so you have to be careful with the information you put out there. We may not have any control over our texts once we hit the send button, but you can take a few precautions to keep yourself out of trouble later.

Here are a few tips:
· Don't ever text personal information such as your PIN number, password, or banking information to anyone. Remember, once you send that information to another person, it gets stored in their cell phone and you don't want that.

· Put a password on your phone to keep others from accessing your text logs or email. This will also prevent thieves from stealing information stored in your phone.

· Don't forget to erase all your personal data before selling, recycling or donating your old phone. Many people are still under the impression that taking out your SIM card will do the trick, but that's not true. You'll need a series of codes to permanently delete stored information in one step, instead of manually. For this, you'll need to find out if your phone has a "master reset" feature, which wipes out all the stored data at once. Since every phone has a different set of "master reset" instructions, you'll need to either look them up online or on your phone's manual. You'll need your phone's make and model to get started, so if you don't know it, check the back of the phone or the box.

· Remember that no matter how secure you think your carrier's SMS servers are, the ultimate security of private text messages depends on the recipient. Just ask Mayor Kilpatrick.

· The best choice is use your original hand phone whenever it is still usable and make sure that it is not stolen. If you want to get a new hand phone, use your beloved sledge hammer to smash your original hand phone.

Beware! The Quality of Your Sperms is Affected

The quality of your sperms is affected by the amount of time you use your hand phone concluded by a recent study. They found that the quality of sperms decline with the heavy usage of hand phones. So to ensure that your sperms is always in good quality watch out for your hand phone usage.


It is not a sport similar to snowboarding or skateboarding. Waterboading is where a person is strap on a board in a position of lying down and water is poured on his/her cloth covered mouth to impart a sense of drowning. Waterboarding is an act of torture usually by captures during war which is considered as illegal by the world community. And yet the goldstandard of double standard is seen where US is practicing the torture and don't want anybody else to use the method against themselve. Whatever the case is the act of waterboarding is a form of torture and it is illegal.

07 February, 2008

Wireless Broadband Connection

Currently using wireless internet connection via Celcom broadband. There are several ways of utilizing the Celcom Broadband i.e. using handphone as modem, using pmcia card, or using usb modem. By using handphone as a modem, the speed is limited to the speed of the handphone usually capable of up to 418 kbps where you have to wait endlessly for video uploading. The second common way is using PCMIA card but the problem with this approach is that your card is limited to the notebook that you are using and it will be very cumbersome to remove the card and plug it on other computers. The best alternative is using USB modem as shown in the picture. The brand of the modem is NUTON MOBIDATA which cost around RM850. The modem is capable of reaching broadband speed up to 3.6 Mbps or the modem can utilize the latest communication protocol i.e. HSDPA. The celcom broadband can be subscribed for unlimited data usage for RM98 per month. Using the modem, downloading video streaming is very convenient and very fast. The area surrounding UNIMAS, UiTM and Desa Ilmu kota Semarahan has a good coverage of 3G celcom broadband and in the future HSDPA will be available which mean a very high internet connection speed.

06 February, 2008

Luckily There is No Tornadoes Around

Every year we heard of news about the devastation as a result of tornadoes. Tornadoes usually occur during Spring and also Summer in the United States. Sometime tornadoes occur during late winter as in the case of tornadoes ripping though several states southern of the United States, killing about 55. When you encounter tornadoes, you will depend mostly on luck that the tornado's path is far away from wherever you are.

Risk of dementia

Folate or vitamin B-9 is very important for your body. Folate is very important for the growth of fetus inside the womb and any deficiency of folate is related to incomplete growth of bone for babies. Recent study indicate that folate also is very important for elderly in order to prevent from dementia.

02 February, 2008

Futuristic Cities

Flooding due to rising sea water level as aresult of global warming, disaster due to earthquake, forest fires, severe congestion, overcrowding cities, etc. Almost all of large cities in the near future will face one of these problems. One way to solve this problem is to built a new satellite cities which will have all of the characteristics that will be resistant to any of the current problems plaguing the cities. For example, in Turkey, they are visualising of building a satellite building that will be a refuge in case of severe earthquake stiking Istanbul. The proposed city will be built using earthquake resistant building and wide street as a mean of sending resques and aids to the city in case an event of earthquake is happenign. For more detail review of the proposed satellite city refer to Purdue University. "Proposed New City Of Istanbul Could Be Refuge In Case Of Severe Earthquake." ScienceDaily 26 January 2008. 2 February 2008