30 May, 2011

Ground Handlers at KLIA Airport

For every successful flight, there are numerous personnel making the flight possible. Pictures below, taken at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), show several ground services for every single flight at the airport.

Cargo Trays being pulled by airport tractor.
Ground Handler

Lavatory servicing truck responsible to ensure clean and comfortable flight.
Lavatory Servicing

Cargo and luggage being driven to the respective designation at the airport.
Ground Handler

Aircraft needed enough fuel to fly.
Jet Fuel Truck

Looking for an aircraft to be towed.
Ground Handler

Extra lifts needed at the airport.
Ground Handler

Heading to somewhere that is too high for a ladder.
Ground Handler

The taxiway needed to be extra clean at all time.
Mobile Vacuum Cleaner

28 May, 2011

Heart Defibrillator

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I saw this strange looking red hearts signage and upon closer look, it is an emergency heart defibrillator. I do hope that there are enough medical officers among the passengers that can fully utilized the gadget. For non medical personnel such as me, I can only look at the gadget and not sure on how to use it.

Heart Defibillator

Picture below shows a close up of the defibrillator. I is confirmed that the heartstart can only be used by qualified personnel among the airport employees.
Heart Defibillator

24 May, 2011

Mobile Pile Driver

Mobile Pile Drivers
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Mobile pile driver can be handy whenever you want to make extention to your house or to build a new house. Using the mobile pile driver, a bigger and stronger pile can be driven to make your house foundation stronger.

In this picture, the owner of this house is lucky to have a convenielnt access for this mammoth vehicle to enable it doing its job behind the house.

22 May, 2011

Swatch Watch

Swatch Watch
This Swatch watch is Swiss made. It comes with two years warranty. The price of this type of Swatch watch is reasonable. The watch comes in several colors depending on your choice. Apparently I pick this swatch watch which is orange in color of cause not for my own use.

Swatch Watch

21 May, 2011

Kuching's Taxi

One of taxi waiting for passengers in Kuching. Proton Iswara is still popularly used as a taxi due to its low maintenance cost and fuel saving engine.

Kuching's Taxi

Taxi's drivers having a break while waiting for passengers to use their service.
Taxi Drivers

Taxi stand in Kuching located near the Kuching water front. The taxi stand is strategically located and enable users to easily find the taxi to move around Kuching.
Taxi Stand

Fixing Power Line

Power Line
These man must be earning tons of money for doing whatever they are doing on the power line. It takes a lot of guts just to climb the power line tower and then fixing or attaching the power line to the tower.

Power Line
As of now, the only concerned of the respective workers are falling from the tower instead of being electrocuted because the line is not being power up yet. They are in the process of connecting all of the towers from one end to the other.

Power Line
Fixing and climbing the tower is just as easy as doing other jobs for these workers.

Power Line

Power Line
Amazingly, each tower requires several workers working simultaneously in order to complete the given task at any one time.

17 May, 2011

Systematic Way of Highway Numbering


Whenever traveling on highways and byways, the road numbering should be made more meaningful to road users. Watch THIS VIDEO about highway numbering that help drivers to figure out where the highways' heading and a lot more.

09 May, 2011

Read This if You are the Owner of Vehicles Older than 10 Years Old

Antique Car
Picture above shows one of antique cars still roaming the road. The owner of the car must be very much relieved to hear about current ruling by Central Bank to insurance agencies.

Recently, Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysian Central Bank) announced that the public will be able to obtain motor cover from all general insurers and their branches as well as at Pos Malaysia and its branches nationwide with immediate effect. The measure is necessary to ensure that all motorists will obtain access to motor insurance coverage.

Thus, all general insurers are required to provide motor cover to all motorists including those "displaced vehicles" which mainly comprise private vehicles exceeding 10 years old and motorcycles currently underwritten by the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP).

Thus vehicles owners can now have the opportunity to pay normal market premium rates and will not be subjected to the loading imposed on high risk vehicles.

Vehicles' owner only have to undergo annual road worthiness checks at Puspakom if the vehicles are deemed to be of high-risk to the insurer. This measure will also ensure that the vehicles will not be the caused of accident on the road due its poor and dilapidated condition.

08 May, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Wish my mom and all mothers a happy mother's day. We appreciate you for all of the burden and hardship that you have been entrusted until today.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

A mother is always there when trials and tribulations fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity;

A mother still clings to us when trouble thickens around us; she cause peace to return to our hearts.

So lets us all treasure our mother before she is gone forever.

To all mothers round the world thank you.


06 May, 2011

Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar Cane Juice
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Sugar cane juice is a popular drink in Malaysia especially during hot and dry season.

01 May, 2011

Given in Trust

Memoirs by Tun Ahmad Sarji, a former chief secretary to the government, was recently launched. The title of the memoirs is "Given in Trust" which  is a collection of anecdotes and stories told by a man committed to his work for king and country. The memoirs is a 922 pages book. I am looking forward to grab the memoirs once I visited the nearest book store.