24 August, 2008

Broadband Service

It seems that the long waited broadband service is back in this area. That what they have been promising when we kept on complaining about the service before that within a month they should correct the problem associated with the service.

Refer to my previous post here about the connection problem in this area.

Now here is what the service look like.

The 3G bar dwindles between 2 or 3 bars. Sometimes the bar goes down to only one bar. The HSDPA high speed broadband is available as shown by the letter "H".

Well we are glad that the service is being resumed even though the connection strength is only two or three bars. Hopefully, they will keep improving the service from time to time. With that kind of service will improve on the digital divide within the area. Also, hopefully that they will improve on their customer support aspects which problem has been highlighted in my previous post.

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