17 January, 2009

Rear Seat Belt

As expected, those vehicles which were manufactured before certain years without being fitted with rear seat belt were also being slaps with summons by the police and Road Transport Department. The Road Safety Department has issued a statement that their summons can be cancelled as the summonses to rear passengers in vehicles not fitted with rear seat belts was against the ruling announced by the road safety department as announced by its Director-General early this year. Even those types of vehicles need to be identified by a special sticker "an exemption stickers" as they did not have the three 'points' that were needed to fit rear seat belts.

Well for those types of vehicles without being fitted with the rear seat belt, I don't think that it is much safer in terms of its body strength upon high impact collision. I suggests that the next items that the Road Safety Department should look into is the safety aspect of the vehicles body so that only those vehicles that pass stringent safety requirements should be allowed on the road.

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