26 April, 2009

LOST files

Last night I had a chance to watch LOST FILES series. The series shows all of the tapes that was found after something mysteries happened to the owners of the tapes. Usually the tapes were either recorded by the person himself or by his friends and somehow somebody else managed to retrieve the tapes later. After watching the series and based on the current technologies available to record the event, then I realise that there are many things mysterious lurking out there especially in the ocean and also in the thick rain forest.

Last night series showcasing a women on her mission to sail solo over the seas and she recorded her journey via several video cameras attached to her boat and also to herself whenever she dived into the ocean. She only left with another two hours journey to arrive at her final destination where something mysterious unravelling itself. The event happened in the Monterrey Bay. Suddenly she received a distress call from a sailor indicating his exact location. She tried to call him back several times but with to no avail. Since she thought that she only left with two hours of journey, it will be no harm for her to just investigate what was happening to the caller. She started the engine of her boat and heading toward the destination as mentioned by the distress caller. A few minutes later, she realized that something had struck under her boat causing the boat engine to stop immediately. So she had to investigate what caused the engine to stop abruptly and she jumped into the ocean and inspected under her boat. There she found a fresh piece of flesh she claimed to be that of a whale and she retrieved the flesh and put it in her boat. Then she started the engine of her boat again and continue heading toward the distress location.

Arriving at the distress location, she found a boat without anybody inside it and at one side of the boat she saw traces of blood everywhere. Suspecting something not right had taken place she tried to call the coast guard several times but nobody answer her call. Then suddenly, something struck underneath her boat again. This time her engine failed again and she didn't want to take chances of diving to inspect underneath her boat. So she decided to use her sail instead. She tried to put her sail in place but failed. She only managed to put the sail halfway. Then she tried to fix the sail but mysteriously she got knocked out of the boat into the sea. She tried to climb her boat but failed and after several attempts she lost grip of the boat. The boat moved forward very fast pushed by the wind since half of the sail was already in placed on the boat. She just could not swim toward the boat and she was left behind.

Suddenly, it was heard from the tape attached to herself that she had to struggle with something which attacked her from beneath the sea. She was never found and the camera that she attached to herself was later found somewhere within the vicinity of the tragedy. I also wondering what was the thing that attacked both of the sailors. According to the series it may be a creature suspecting to be the descendant of a man eating dinosaur inhabiting the Monterrey Bay. From records, there were several cases of missing sailors that weren't resolved from the bay area.

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