07 May, 2009

Back to Civilized World

Land telephone line is already in sight in our neighborhood. After waiting for more than two years, at last we can access the high speed internet. Immediately, I registered for new phone line and then registered for Streamyx internet service. After few days, the streamyx is alive and browsing the internet is so fast. After talking to the telephony technician, he mentioned that for each box, only ten phones line are allocated. It means that after a while when all of the allocated slot has been connected to the housing residences then there will be no more line available for internet connections. So, my advice to those who stays within the neighborhood is that do not wait any longer. Go to the TM service center and register for you phone line and get the streamyx service.

It is so painful for not being able to get a good internet connection for the past two years. Everything you do is so slow and a lot of time is wasted just to read a page of browsing activity.

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