13 December, 2010

Latest Bus Stop Design


What is so latest about the design of this bus stop? Except the bench, other aspect of the bus stop seems to be a new concept i.e. steel frame structure, roofing material and glass panel of this bus stop is so different from other bus stops that I had seen in the area. There also seem to be decent lighting for the bus stop which I haven't checked yet during the night whether the lighting is operational or only a gimmick.

The roofing and glass panel is very good design to give shelter to bus users from shearing tropical heat and also from tropical rain.

However, one important item that is still missing at the bus stop, i.e. information about bus route and bus time-table. Hopefully, one day (I am not sure when yet) the information about bus routes, arrival and departure time will be made available at all bus stops around here.

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