09 May, 2011

Read This if You are the Owner of Vehicles Older than 10 Years Old

Antique Car
Picture above shows one of antique cars still roaming the road. The owner of the car must be very much relieved to hear about current ruling by Central Bank to insurance agencies.

Recently, Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysian Central Bank) announced that the public will be able to obtain motor cover from all general insurers and their branches as well as at Pos Malaysia and its branches nationwide with immediate effect. The measure is necessary to ensure that all motorists will obtain access to motor insurance coverage.

Thus, all general insurers are required to provide motor cover to all motorists including those "displaced vehicles" which mainly comprise private vehicles exceeding 10 years old and motorcycles currently underwritten by the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP).

Thus vehicles owners can now have the opportunity to pay normal market premium rates and will not be subjected to the loading imposed on high risk vehicles.

Vehicles' owner only have to undergo annual road worthiness checks at Puspakom if the vehicles are deemed to be of high-risk to the insurer. This measure will also ensure that the vehicles will not be the caused of accident on the road due its poor and dilapidated condition.

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Al-Manar said...

My car is 28 year old! I have been allowed to take third party insurance only, not comprehensive. I wonder what the new ruling means to me and my dear old beloved car!