06 September, 2011

Woman dies in ambulance crash

There seem to be several fatal accidents involving ambulances lately. Almost all of the accidents were considered to be secondary accidents because in almost all cases the ambulance's drivers were trying to avoid from hitting other objects on the road. In today news, the accident occured due to the ambulance's driver tried to avoid other oncoming vehicle. In previous accidents, the ambulance's driver tried to avoid from hitting a dog along its path. In both cases, the passengers of the ambulances were tragically killed. Hope that similar incidences will never happen again and the ambulance's drivers need to pay extra caution while on the road because accidents happen due to several causes such as road condition, drivers behavior and environment. Most of the time, accidents occurs due to the interaction among the factors. Woman dies in ambulance crash


oceangirl said...

It goes to show that seating properly with seatbelt fastened is absolutely necessary. I always see children standing in cars and sometimes even sticking their head out over sunroofs. Parents just do not aware how, just a little sudden break could throw whatever or whoever that does not buckle up, off. And that was what happened in the ambulance accidents, the passengers were not secured.

Wan Hashim said...

O.G: absolutely agree with you about that. Most of the fatalities were due to the passengers failed to buckled up.