29 October, 2011

KLIA 2 Terminal in Progress

Referring to the following pictures, construction of KLIA 2 terminal is progressing as planned. KLIA 2 will be the world's first mega terminal for low-cost carriers. The terminal will be able to carry the expected high growth rate of passengers using low-cost carriers for the next 10 to 15 years.

I am really hopeful that there will be seamless connectivity between the main KLIA terminal and KLIA 2 terminal. As of the current low-cost terminal in Sepang, the connectivity with the main KLIA terminal is not so commendable. There are a lot of improvements need to be carried out to provide better connectivity between the terminals. Thus, hopefully, passengers transferring between KLIA 2 terminal and KLIA will be much better in the future so that more passengers will be able to visit both terminals at any one time.

Read HERE for previous entry about the launching of KLIA 2 terminal.

Klia 2 Airport

Klia 2 Airport

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