27 November, 2011

Women Taxi

Women Taxi service is launched today in the Klang valley according to The Sunday Daily. It is a sigh of relief to women who frequently using taxi services and they should feel safer.

Those who need the taxi  service can call these numbers: 03-80240507, 03-26926000 and 03-88884020.

For your information, the women taxi service would have a special sticker "TeksiWanita" on the vehicle.

According to the news, the company providing the services are recruiting more women taxi drivers. So, those who are interested to be a taxi driver, please contact them immediately.

Hope that the services will be available to other parts of the country depending on the demand of such services.

So, those men outside there, please don't hop on the taxi with "TeksiWanita" on it, it may be just for women passengers only.

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