15 January, 2012

Integrated RapidKL Ticketing System

RapidKL has embarked on its new ticketing system for its rail network. Currently, there are two Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines operating within the rail network, i.e. STAR LRT Line and PUTRA LRT Line. The STAR LRT line consists of two lines i.e. Line 3 and Line 4 whereas PUTRA LRT line has only one line i.e. line 5. The interchange station between PUTRA LRT Line and STAR LRT line is at Masjid Jamek Station.

With the new integrated ticketing system, you can use only one token to travel between the three LRT lines (line 3, line 4 and line 5). For example, if you are at the PWTC station (a station along the STAR LRT Line which is either Line 3 or Line 4), you can purchase a token to travel to other destinations including destinations along the Putra LRT lines (i.e. Line 5). Using the same token, you have to use the Masjid Jamek Interchange station to transfer between (Line 3 or Line 4) and Line 5.

Maps of the Klang Valley Rails Network showing the Line 3, Line 4 and Line 5

Klang Valley Rails Network

At the Masjid Jamek Station, adequate signages are placed at strategic locations for users' convenient to transfer between the different LRT Lines.

 Masjid Jamek Station

Another strategic location where extensive signages are provided.


Automatic RapidKL Ticketing System. The ticketing system is a touch screen system. You can use any combination of Malaysian Ringgit notes or coins. The automatic ticketing station can be used to top up your ticketing cards.

  RapidKL TIcketing

From PWTC Station, you can select all different destinations along the three different LRT Lines, i.e. Line 3, Line 4 and Line 5.

  PWTC Station Ticketing System 

If you have MyRapid Card, your travel can be made much easier given that you have enough credits for your cards. You can top up your card at any of the LRT stations.

  myrapid Card

 Passengers queuing at Masjid Jamek Station

  Masjid Jamek Platform


sm deris said...

Orang Sarawak lagi tahu dari orang dok KL. LRT is a good way to avoid traffic jam. Another good way is to come to the office late, and come back late, like I do. He he he

Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim said...

Salman, to go to your office during off peak hours is the proven way to avoid traffic jam. Need more workers to implement the staggerred working hours concept.

dzuchan said...

Dr Wan, new token easy to lost because it is too small hehe, but quite convenience to use

Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim said...

Bukan setakat easy to lost but susah nak simpan. It takes ages to find the token in your pocket lagi-lagi kalau poket penuh dengan suit filing. But very convenient using the MyRapid card kalau kerap guna LRT.