22 September, 2012

Panoramic View Taken Using IOS 6

For those who already upgraded their IOS to the latest IOS 6 will notice that there are a lot of new features being presented. Firstly, it is just a breeze to upgrade the operating system as compared to previously where the devices need to be attached to PC's  in order to do the downloading and upgrading. Now, IOS 6 can be upgraded through Wi-Fi connection only and the downloading is not very long.

One of the features of IOS 6 is the ability to take panoramic picture. I had tried taking the panoramic picture using Iphone 4s and the result is as shown in the picture above. Use the Camera application of your Iphone and then press option and select Panorama. Just follow the instruction on the screen and make sure the arrow on the screen must be kept on the centre line. The software is intelligent enough to ask you to slow down if your movement is too fast.

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