09 February, 2013

Toward very Unsafe Road: Guard Rail Less

The main purpose of installing guard rail along roadways is to prevent road fatalities when accident happen. The guard rail will prevent the skidding vehicles from hitting other fixed objects along side the respective road. Also the guard rail will prevent runaway vehicles from plunging into rivers or other water canal. Most of the time the type of guard rail being installed along side roads is made of metal.

However, there seemed to be some syndicates profiting from the installed guardrail. Immediately after the installation of the guard rail, the syndicate will dismantle the metal to earn quick buck at the expense of public safety.

I am sure the respective agencies responsible to maintain the road must has spent so much money to keep on replacing the missing metal of the guard rail. Immediately after they had replaced the missing metal, the syndicate will carry out their unholy duty to steal the metal. This vicious cycle will continue until something is being done to rectify the situation.

In the following picture, the metal connecting the guard rail beam and guard rail pole are missing. These are the favourite items among the thieves because it it so easy for them to dismantle the metal assembly. In case there are runaway vehicles hitting the guard rail, the occupant of the vehicle will be in serious condition.

Now, the thieves are becoming more daring by removing the steel guard rail beam. It seemed that somebody has put temporary tape to warn road users about the dire condition of the guard rail. However, the tape will not save any life when an accident happen.

Thus, in the area of road safety, the task to provide a safer road is getting tougher since there are irresponsible citizens taking advantage of the lack of enforcement to apprehend those who are involved in trading metal collected from illegal source.

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dzuchan said...

back then when i was working in LEKAS highway, there are a few suplliers promoting the guardrail made from fibre glass (if not mistaken) i thin it ia a good alernative since may irresponsible people out there,