16 June, 2013

The Power of Lidar

The title of this entry seems like a title of a movie but it is not. It is about a remote sensing technology known as Lidar being used to make high resolution maps and other surveying purposes. The term lidar comes from combining the words light and radar.

Recently, by using airborne Lidar, a city lost for a millennium has been found. The lost city currently lying beneath the odd above-ground temple ruin covered with shrubs and dirts was unknown until researchers from University of Sydney's archaeological research center in Cambodia successfully using airborne Lidar to unhidden the lost city figuratively and literally. 

The name of the city is Mahendraparvata as mentioned by Gizmodo. The lost city is located at the corner of Cambodian jungle. It is the oldest lost city in Cambodia, predating the nearby Angkor Wat by some hundreds of years. It is also the main reason for Angkor Wat was able to be built in the first place.

Photo set about Anchor Wat is HERE.

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