21 January, 2014

Setting Up Modem for your Wireless Router

First of all, out of a sudden you wanted to expand the coverage of the wireless Internet at your home so that you will be able to access Internet wherever you are within or outside your house. In order to extend the coverage of the wireless Internet, the wireless router with a wide coverage is required. One example of such a router is RT-N16 Wireless-N300 Gigabit Router as shown below where the coverage is 200 square meters.

It is quite easy to setup the router as shown in the diagram below, just plug and surf. 

However, one major problem that I encountered with this router is that it cannot works alone. You need to connect it to a Cable/DSL modem for it to function properly as shown below. 

Since I have an existing modem and router, the new router could be connected to the modem using the Ethernet cable via the available LAN port on the modem. However, conflicts will occur in setting up connection on the new router since the existing modem is still functioning as Internet routers.

The first step to do in this situation is to ensure that the existing modem and router functions only as a modem. In order to do that, the existing modem and router need to be reconfigured. There are basically two steps that need to be done.

1.  Disable wireless capability of the existing modem and router by unchecking the wireless access point (Enable AP) as shown below. After performing the "Restart Access Point", wireless Internet will no longer available from the existing modem and router.

2. Then, connection type of the existing modem should be changed to "Bridge". Click on the "WAN" option and then select "Bridge" on the Type of connection as shown below. Initially, the connection type is "PPOE", which enable the modem to be routers and connected to the Internet. By selecting the connection type as"Bridge" will ensure that the new router connected to the modem will serve as your Internet wireless router as provided by your ISP.

After successfully setting up your existing modem, then just follow the quick start instruction of your new Internet router to enable it to connect to the Internet.

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