04 January, 2014

Horse Carts in Bandung

This picture is taken in Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is one of the largest city in Indonesia with a very dense population. Traffic is crawling at a snail pace everyday in Bandung. During weekdays, traffic congestion is a normal phenomenon due to business activities. During weekends, traffic is also crawling at snail pace due to influx of vehicles from neighbouring cities especially from Jakarta.

Since the traffic is already crawling at a snail pace, by introducing horse cart into the traffic system will not make any different since almost all vehicles can't even exceed certain speed due to congestion.

Horse carts are popular mode of transport due to its reasonable fare, and furthermore it uses green energy. There is no need to purchase very expensive petrol for its energy.

Thus, horse cart provides a good alternative for locals to travel short distances within certain route in Bandung.

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