07 February, 2008

Wireless Broadband Connection

Currently using wireless internet connection via Celcom broadband. There are several ways of utilizing the Celcom Broadband i.e. using handphone as modem, using pmcia card, or using usb modem. By using handphone as a modem, the speed is limited to the speed of the handphone usually capable of up to 418 kbps where you have to wait endlessly for video uploading. The second common way is using PCMIA card but the problem with this approach is that your card is limited to the notebook that you are using and it will be very cumbersome to remove the card and plug it on other computers. The best alternative is using USB modem as shown in the picture. The brand of the modem is NUTON MOBIDATA which cost around RM850. The modem is capable of reaching broadband speed up to 3.6 Mbps or the modem can utilize the latest communication protocol i.e. HSDPA. The celcom broadband can be subscribed for unlimited data usage for RM98 per month. Using the modem, downloading video streaming is very convenient and very fast. The area surrounding UNIMAS, UiTM and Desa Ilmu kota Semarahan has a good coverage of 3G celcom broadband and in the future HSDPA will be available which mean a very high internet connection speed.

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