02 February, 2008

Futuristic Cities

Flooding due to rising sea water level as aresult of global warming, disaster due to earthquake, forest fires, severe congestion, overcrowding cities, etc. Almost all of large cities in the near future will face one of these problems. One way to solve this problem is to built a new satellite cities which will have all of the characteristics that will be resistant to any of the current problems plaguing the cities. For example, in Turkey, they are visualising of building a satellite building that will be a refuge in case of severe earthquake stiking Istanbul. The proposed city will be built using earthquake resistant building and wide street as a mean of sending resques and aids to the city in case an event of earthquake is happenign. For more detail review of the proposed satellite city refer to Purdue University. "Proposed New City Of Istanbul Could Be Refuge In Case Of Severe Earthquake." ScienceDaily 26 January 2008. 2 February 2008

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