16 March, 2008

Safety at Work Site

In NEW YORK, a crane mounted to the side of a skyscraper under construction toppled, smashing into a block of apartment buildings, killing at least four people and setting off a scramble for survivors in the rubble.
The crane split into pieces as it fell, pulverizing one small, brick apartment building and demolishing parts of several other buildings on Manhattan's East Side.
About 19 of the planned 44-story condominium had been erected, and the crane was scheduled to be extended Saturday so workers could start work on a fresh story.
A piece of steel fell and sheared off one of the ties holding it to the building, causing it to detach and topple, said an owner of the Reliance Construction Group.
In order to avoid such an accident, the crane should have additional holding ties in case any one of the ties give way and the crane is still standing.

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