16 March, 2008


Thosai is sometime called by the name of dosa, dose, etc. It is an alternative to cholesterol-laden roti canai. it is a typical South Indian breakfast meal. It is also a popular menu at Mamak Nasi Kandar. Instead of only for breakfast, it is popular for anytime of the day meal especially in the evening.

Thosai sometimes is extremely bland, i.e. without enough salt. Sometimes it comes sour (with usad beans or black lentils).

The batter is made overnight to allow it to ferment. The accompaniment is usually coconut chutneys which is made of coconut.

There are several varieties of Thosai.
  • Pancake or bread - include eggs in mix
  • Masata Thosai - includes vegetables
  • Maida Thosai - the rice is replaced with wheat flour
  • Rava Thosai - The rice is replaced with selima
  • Cheese Thosai - Stuffed with cheese
  • Paper Thosai - the most popular - very thin and shaped into a sharp Merlin hat.

How to make Thosai.

Mixed in any amount and make sure the proportion between the rice and black peas should be either 3 cups rice to one cup peas or two cups rice to one cup peas. Add salt and a handful of overnight cooked rice into the batter and grind them before putting it in a warm area for several hours to ferment. Put in refrigerator before you sleep at night and look forward to spreading it on your hot skillet the next morning.

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