21 April, 2008


Bintulu is a town at the mouth of the Kemena River in the state of Sarawak on the Island of Borneo.
Borneo is the third largest island in the world.

The main industrial activity in Bintulu is the petrochemical industries, which have transformed Bintulu from a fishing village into the State's industrial Centre.
Attractions in bintulu is Taman Tumbina, a splendid golf course and bird sanctuary which is located in the 520 acre Tanjung Batu Recreational Zone. The luxury development along Batang Kemena at the River mouth is taking place.

A 425-hectare Kemena Industrial park is a two stage project for value-added timber and other ventures.
The Bintulu's industrial estates also include the three phase Kidurong Light Industries Estate, catering for engineering and metal works and similar light industries.
The blue deep seaport at Tanjung Kidurong is the international gateway for industries. Among the industries are petrochemical oil palm plantations, palm oil mills as well as the pulp and paper industry.
Among the industrial powerhouse located in Bintulu are the Petronas Malaysia Liquefied natural Gas (MLNG) plant, the Shell Middle Distillates Synthesis plant (SMDS), Bintulu Crude Oil Terminal (BCOT), and Asian Bintulu Fertilizer Plant (ABF).

Picture of Bintulu besides the mouth of Kemena River.

Picture of Bintulu New Airport which is quite a distance from the town. Bintulu Old Airport was right in the middle of the town.


Shirley Moss said...

Hi Wan

I found your blog when searching for Industry in Bintulu because I want to come and work and live in Bintulu for 3 months sometime soon. You seem to have a love and knowledge about Bintulu, and needed some idea from you perhaps of who to contact, how can i get work there for this temporary period in the engineering industry. I can do project team work, work together as an administrator assistant, or sales using my technical engineering experience. Any help to offer? Shirley

Wan Hashim said...

Thank you for your interest to work in Bintulu. I am afraid that I cannot give you much help since I am currently working outside of Bintulu. However, you can search for multinational companies such as oil and Gas industries(Shell or Petronas), LNG industries, etc.