14 April, 2008

Fuel Price Pinch

Starting April 21, 2008, travellers using a low-cost AirAsia carrier will have to give away some more money if they have baggage to check in. For online check-in, RM3 will be imposed per bag and RM5 per bag for airport check-in. Keep in mind that you have to pre-book your baggage in order to be eligible for the RM3. In the sense that you have to pay in advance RM3 if you think that you will check one baggage at the time or travel. In case that you did not check-in the baggage than there is another question whether you will be refunded the RM3. Also, if you have more than one baggage to be check-in then you have to pay RM5 for the second baggage. The charges are to defray the rising fuel cost. On top of that excess baggage fee for baggage exceeding 15 kg still applies.

One reason for the fee being imposed is to discourage travellers bringing too many baggage and with lighter load, fuel can be reduced and airline ticket fees can still be reduced. To avoid from paying the additional charges, travellers will pack all of their things in the carry-on bag and as a result, the waiting time to board an aircraft will be longer due to everybody is taking their time to put their bags on the overhead compartment. With the additional time will add to the everlasting flight delay experiencing by AirAsia. Also, passengers will have to endure the hassle of carrying larger and heavier Carry-on bags if they use AirAsia.

For low-cost carrier, that is their way (which I bag to differ) of covering the rising fuel cost.

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