31 August, 2009

Celebrating The 52nd Independent of Malaysia

Today is the 52nd Malaysia's Independence day. I am proud to be able to witness the 52nd independent of Malaysia. This year celebration is coincided with the fasting month of Ramadan. Malaysia has seen a lot of progress in almost all aspects of life. Of course there are still certain aspects that should have been addressed properly such as the use of advanced technologies in all facets of life. However, given the number of years since independent the progress rate is commendable.
Every citizens need to work harder to ensure that the nation will progress further and the tolerance among the different races are upheld. I would like to wish that Malaysia will be more prosperous and peaceful for years to come.

The picture above shows a theater presentation about the independence day.


Leif Hagen said...

Congratulations on Malaysia's Independence Day! Are you a teacher? I'm a former foreign language teacher. Thanks for your following! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

Wan Hashim said...

Thank You hagen, I'm a university lecturer.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Happy Merdeka ! We can be proud of our achievements but we need to forge ahead and make the country truly for everyone:))