29 August, 2009

Pledge for Road Safety Anyone

Every year the number of casualties due to road accident is very high especially in Malaysia. You might experienced that someone that you know was involved in road accidents. According to statistics,a major factor contributing to road accidents is human behavior.

As part of the initiative to ensure drivers will drive safely, about 250,000 Malaysians are expected to take part in the Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (Mufors) 090909 campaign organised by PLUS Expressway Berhad.

All Malaysians can make a pledge on how they can contribute towards reducing accidents and saving lives, and honouring these pledges on Wednesday, Sept 9, 2009, between 9am and 9pm. It is the hope of the organizer of the campaign that these pledges honoured over a 12-hour period will transform into a lifetime change.

For those who are interested to pledge for the sake of road safety can visit the website www.090909.org.my, that was supported by PLUS, AMP Radio Networks, Malaysian Highway Authority, Works Ministry, police and the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros).

Together, we can make our road safer.

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