29 October, 2010


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Guess what is being burnt? This is the original charger come together with brand new Iphone sold at Low Yat Plaza. The voltage written on the charger is so tiny and almost invisible. Thus, I assumed that the voltage should be 240V because it is sold in Malaysia and further I cannot really verify the exact voltage as written on the charger. Once the charger is plugged in the power socket, it burnt causes the hotel room electricity supply to trip.Luckily my precious Iphone is still intact.


aSr1 said...

so, any warranty given?

Wan Hashim said...

Of course there is a warranty. Next time when I visit Low Yat again will inquire about the replacement. For the time being using another original Apple charger.

mast@work said...

lorr.. nasib iphone tu terselamat hehe