15 October, 2010

Car Crashing into Trees

Suasana Yang Amat Teduh

Planting trees beside roadway can be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and is environmental friendly. In Malaysia, planting trees besides the road can help drivers reduce tropical heat especially during midday. Usually, speed limit is low along the road with trees planted besides the road.

However, any fix object located besides roadway can be considered as traffic hazard. Severe accident can occur if the vehicle is out of control and at the same time hitting the trees. In this case, the only solution is to drive according to the stipulated speed limit to avoid vehicles from skidding and involve in serious accident.

Yesterday, six people died when the Honda City they were travelling in crashed and collided into two trees at the Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh trunk road at Jeram, near Kampar. The incident occurs at 2 am where five of the victims, who were trapped in the car, died on the spot. The impact of the crash into the first tree causes the vehicle to collide with another tree. According to police, the vehicle was speeding before it lost control and collided with the trees.

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