07 April, 2011

Are your Eggs Fake?


Have you heard about fake eggs? Currently, there are fake eggs being sold in the supermarket based on this report and this report.

The fake eggs were allegedly full of chemicals. It was claimed that the fake eggs did not smell like real eggs (I wonder what is the smell of real eggs). The fake eggs are claimed to have unusual shapes, larger and had rougher surface than the genuine one.

Based on the smell, shape and texture, you can recognize the fake eggs. But, what about if the fake eggs are being used in preparing the readymade food from the store such as cake, bread, foods etc. Can you differentiate between the fake or genuine eggs in such case? I am not sure what is the side effect of the fake eggs has on our health and body system.

You also can browse HERE. My friend Hasrul Hassan describes in detail the effect and ingredients of fake eggs.


hasrul hassan said...

Ada bacaan bagaimana telur ini dibuat:


<-- dalam entri ni ada link ke blog yang kisahkan bagaimana buat telur tu.

Wan Hashim said...

Dah ada news pasal ni rupanya. Thanks

mast@work said...

i serously don't mind fake handbags or clothes.. but fake eggs? kadang2 orang tamak yang bukan2.. kesian kat pengguna

dzuli said...

prof, sy dengar it is from China.
takkan smpai makanan pon nak buat yang tiruan