24 April, 2011

Kampung Buntal


Once upon a time, this village received an abundance of puffer fish (locally known as ikan Buntal). Thus, no wonder, the name of the village is called Kampung Buntal. This village is located about 45-minute drive from Kuching and located not far from Santubong.

Puffer fish is known for its bloated stomach, which contains a toxin that can cause nausea and even death. Some people claimed that the fish is one of the tastiest sea creatures.
There are a lot of seafood restaurants in Kampung Buntal. The area  is very lively in the evening as people from near and far congregate the area to have dinner at the seafood restaurants.


The picture above shows one of fishing facilities that is a normal sight in Kampung Buntal.

For more information about Kampung Buntal, read HERE.

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I have fond memories of Santubong and Kuching. I'll keep in mind Kpg Buntal. It'll be a treat to sit by the seaside - eat and enjoy:)