31 August, 2013

Amazing Train Journey Within 60 Years Lifespan

All of us know what 2013 is like whereas some of us can tell stories about life 30 years ago. However, not many of us could tell stories about 60 years ago.

BBC has created a video comparing that whole time span revealing the difference of 60 years for train ride from London to Brighton. The video shows exact train ride filmed in 1953, 1983 and 2013.

Amazingly, there are not much differences for the 60 years lifespan. However, it is easy to spot differences in term of modernized train station, boring digital signs now, train conductor dress differently and several stations have been eliminated.

As compared to developing countries, in 1953, the tract is already double tracking. In most developing countries, even until now almost all of the train lines are single tracking. Along the route, almost all of the tunnel, underpasses are almost the same. Similarly, at one of the train station, the original clock seems to be still functioning. It shows the ability of them to maintain the historical architectural values of the infrastructure.

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