21 January, 2008

Finally Settle for Maxis Plan

Mobile phone charges among mobile operators are getting very competitive. Decision to choose which plan to use takes quite some research to be carried out. There are two major mobile operators in Malaysia i.e. Maxis and Celcom. The competition between the two operators to get more subscribers is very stiff. I have been using Maxis since 1995 and since then I cannot afford to loose my contacts with friends. Thus, that is the main reason for me to maintain my Maxis number. Another reason is that by using my existing number together with the latest Family Plus Plan, I will get the best value for money.

My previous plan is called Value 50 which mean that you have to pay minimum RM50 per month regardless of you making a call or not. But if your call exceed the minimum limit you have to pay accordingly. Using the plan, your call from Maxis to Maxis is 15 sen/min. Your call from Maxis to other operators is 20 sen/min. Your SMS from Maxis to Maxis is 5 sen/min. SMS from Maxis to other operators is 15 sen/min. MMS from Maxis to Maxis is 25 sen/min. MMS from Maxis to other operators is 50 sen/min.

Using the Value50, if you want to add your additional family line you have to pay RM10 per month and the call rate is as the rate of the family plan. So regardless of your other line is being used or not you will certainly have to pay RM10.

However, recently Maxis introduced their Family Plus Plan. I have to pay min RM50 per month for my line and another RM50 per month for additional family line. The benefits are:

Between family lines: Free voice calls, SMS, video calls, no access fee and credit sharing.
So all of the RM100 that you paid can be shared between your line. For example if your spouse only make little call, you can use their remaining credit for your call.

The Nationwide calls (per min) are as follows:
Maxis to Maxis 15 sen
Maxis to other operators: 20 sen

SMS (per SMS)
Maxis to Maxis 5 sen
Maxis to other operators 15 sen

Monthly commitment fee RM50


Farhan said...

maxis launched new family plus plan. just Rm30 per month. same call charge, same sms charge. but, reduce in family free talk time(from 20 to 15 hours per month), and SMS (from 2000 to 1500 per month). still ok right?

Wan Hashim said...

Hi Farhan, now I am using another plan which is RM150. Free call, free sms, free mms between your registered family members number. Your family members can help you used up all of the remaining credits at the end of the month. So far that is the ideal plan for me.

Mohd Farhan said...

yes i knew that.i'm using the family line as well. last week, maxis announced another plan which is Value Plus family. the sub line can have the same call and sms rate as prinsipal(my mum is using Value 150)!! that's great! :) ..cheaper call rate. only 10 sen per min!