13 January, 2008

India Ultracheap Car

India Ultracheap Car
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India's Tata Motors unveiled its world's cheapest car which cost around $2,500 or RM8,300. The name of the car is Nano. There are several no's to the car to make it very dirt cheap: No air-conditioning, no radio and no passenger side mirror. It is a compact four-door car which can sit four or five passengers. The car is powered by a rear wheel drive, 623 cc multi-point fuel injection petrol engine.

It would be of a great concern in term of the safety of the car since the manufacturer would compromise on the safety aspect of the car in order to make it very cheap. Besides safety aspect, the higher number of buyers of the car will worsen the congestion issues in India due to the affordability of the cars. Thus, the relevant agencies should look into the issues properly before deciding on importing such kind of cars.

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