12 January, 2008

Uploading your photo to your Blog using Flickr

Flickr a fancy photo sharing thing, is a powerful tool to upload and share your photos online. After uploading you r photos, you can choose the "Blog This" button to upload your photos to your blog. It is very convenient way of storing your photos and at the same time share your photo in your blog.

Free flickr has a limited number of photos that can be shown (i.e less than 200 photos). If you have more than 200 photos, flickr only show the latest 200 photos. However, if you link your photo to your blog, the photo in your blog will keep on showing even though it is not being shown in your free flickr due to Free Flickr limitation. Thus, in order to overcome this, you can blog your chosen flickr photo and keep sharing your photo with the public.

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