14 March, 2010

Interesting Article about Blogosphere

What actually your reason for blogging?

 This article discovers the breakdown of people in the blogosphere.

Large percentage of them are male, college graduate, and majority are from the U.S.

The most blogged topic is about personal musings.

The article also discovers the amount of time spent on blogging, impacts of blogging, top reasons people blog, hours per week spent blogging and how often bloggers update.

However, the article does not indicate the methodology on how they carry out the study. Also, the sample being used for the study is not being indicated in the article.


Ocean Girl said...

This is very interesting especially on male being the majority when from what I find, male blogger is rare. Maybe not in the personal musing arena.

Wan Hashim said...

That is why I am not clear on the sample that they are using to come up with the conclusions. Based on my observation, najority of the blogs are owned by female bloggers. Truely as a male blogger it is very difficult to blog about personal musing area.