30 March, 2010

Light Rail Transit at KL Sentral


Today, while waiting to purchase Express Rail Link (ERL) ticket to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I had a chance to capture an image of the two-Car train LRT. My real intention was to capture an image of a four-Car Train LRT. Unfortunately, after waiting for about an hour, the four-car train did not pass through the KL Sentral.

There seemed to be some kind of disruption regarding the LRT train schedule today. It seemed that the train only travelled at an interval of 30 minutes. Just imagine that within one hour waiting period, I only managed to see only twice the LRT train passing by. Unluckily, both trains were the two-car train.

During normal hours, LRT trains usually travel at an interval of every two or three minutes.

Also, looking at the picture, the development along the LRT track is becoming very intense. I like the traffic system surrounding the KL Sentral because there is integration of all sorts of transportation systems such as Buses, LRT, ERL, Taxi, Pedestrian and passenger cars. The traffic system for the KL Sentral seemed to be able to disperse traffic effectively even though during peak period, congestion occurs.

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