28 May, 2010

How Safe is Your Hand phone?

All walks of life nowadays is so dependent on mobile phone. There is an ongoing debate whether your mobile phone can be so deadly.

The results of a UN sponsored study with a grant of US24 million (RM82 million) spanning a decade and covering 13 nations was released recently suggesting that frequent cellphone use may increase the chances of developing rare but deadly form of brain cancer.

However, according to the report, there is no conclusive evidence yet to tell how big the risk is, if there is one and experts were nearly unanimous in saying the results of the study are inconclusive.

According to the report, cellphones send out radioactive energy in a form that's similar to the one used in microwave ovens, but at very low levels. There is no accepted theory to explain how or if these weak radio waves can affect the body, beyond heating it to a very small degree.

Most of current mobile phone models have a limited amount of energy being released in accordance to the energy emission limit as enforced by the US and European regulators.

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