15 May, 2010

My New 7D Canon


This is an image from my new Canon 7D. Recently just acquired the new camera after reading about almost all of the positive comments about the 7D from the web.


Ocean Girl said...

Nice. I'm looking for a camera. Canon 7D is easy to remember. I'll check it out.

mast@work said...

Prof, saya orang nikon.. ehehehhe..

tak geng la kita.. hehe

tapi once you own a dslr, there's no turning back! enjoy it Prof..

Wan Hashim said...

Oh, orang Nikon ye. I am stuck with Canon because I had several Canon lens to compliment it. Those lens are very high quality lens. Yes, there is no turning back but keep on going forward. Tapi getting very-very expensive.

adamhussary said...

Superb...im looking foward to check on ur flickr..hoho..