04 June, 2010

Another Milestone for PosLaju

Now PosLaju, a unit of Pos Malaysia Berhad, has teamed up with UPS in its effort to reduce delivery time. The service is called PosLaju International Premium which is a collaboration between PosLaju and UPS Asia Pacific Region.

Unfortunately, the service is only for international packages only. I am still not clear what is the advantage of using PosLaju versus using the UPS service directly. Based on my previous experience, I would rather use the UPS service directly since they can guarantee the delivery to be on time as compared to what PosLaju said they can do.

If the PosLaju International Premium can match the delivery reliability and quality as that of UPS then I think the service will be much anticipated since people in remote areas can use the service easily. I also hope that the service should be extended for local or national delivery in order to ensure the packages that we send arrive within the time frame being promised by PosLaju.

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

That's a good wish! Let's hope we can have a real good service for the citizens to enjoy.