06 June, 2010

Telaga Air

There seemed to be a crowd pulling event at Telaga Air yesterday. There are a lot of activities going on despite a very sunny weather in the morning.

Telaga air is a popular destination for deep sea fishing where you can rent a boat and go fishing.

Row of tents with vendors selling all kind of foods and fruits.

One of the vendor preparing delicious fish for his customer.

A karaoke competition is also being held at the event.

A boat is being loaded and prepared for deep sea fishing.


Elettra said...

Hi Wan ,your photos have the colours exceptional

LiquidSilver said...

Salam Prof, dengar kata dh da eos 7D,xkan amik pictures jak, bila mok testing HD video plak? hehe...

Anonymous said...

rndu kmpg aku eh...haha