16 September, 2010

D.I.Y. Repairing Parquet Flooring


Having one of the parquet flooring missing is just making your life uneasy. Even if you decided to put the piece back in its original place will not help either because after some time that same piece of wood will dislodge again causing yet another an eyesore. I recommend you to use solid PVA glue to ensure the piece of wood will stay in its place for a long time. The cost of the 500 mL bottle solid PVA glue is only RM11.00 and it is available at the local hardware store.


A bottle of 500 mL Solid PVA Glue

For more information on repairing Parquet Flooring, visit HERE.

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hasrul hassan said...

Info yang bagus ... tgh cadang2 nak pakai ni nanti .. cuma bajet takde lagi .. hehehehe