22 September, 2010

King Tide at Btg Lupar River

King tide occurs several days each month and during the period, the river is usually filled up to the brink during tide. The tide occurs twice a day. During this period also, low lying areas usually experienced flooding. This year, the King Tide occurs during the Hari Raya Festival and most of the houses were inundated by water.

During high tide, tidal bore is usually can get very huge at the Btg Lupar river. The sight of the huge tidal bore at the Btg Lupar river were said to be very spectacular. Unluckily I cannot get the glimpse of the tidal bore during this period of time.

This Cargo vessel took the opportunity of the high tide to travel upstream to save fuel cost. The wharf is dwarfed by the size of the vessel due to the high tide.


It just need another day or two of continuous raining to make this house totally flooded by the high tide.

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