01 April, 2012


Backhoe is a piece of excavating equipment which can perform multiple tasks at any given location. If you have a piece of land and you wanted it to be cleared for constructing your new house, you will definitely need the help of this piece of equipment.  This piece of equipment can do many more things that you can imagine.

However, sometimes, this piece of equipment can be annoying to others especially if it is driven on the road during peak hours. All vehicles will have to patiently follow or tailgating behind this slow moving vehicle. Usually, the operators of this equipment will drive it on the road during off peak period in order to avoid traffic congestion or to avoid causing traffic more congested. But that is not always the case, since the operator is also going to his workplace driving the equipment during peak hours in order to carry out his duty at certain location.


So next time you see this piece of equipment on the road, just be patient because the vehicle just cannot travel at a very high speed and you should know what action you have to do, i.e. just follow the vehicle until you have the opportunity to safely overtake the vehicle.


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Anonymous said...

Backhoe driver & other road user need to be passion...Safety first...This is a piece of construction machine that can be deadly if handled wrongly and by wrong person. http://www.construction2u.blogspot.com